The Bluffing Mirror!


I have noticed lately,

The good ol’ mirror of mine has been lying blatantly on my face,

A reflection, it does show,

But it is not the one I wish to trace.


My tresses weren’t so tangled, so gray and dry

Not so wrinkled were my cheeks I remember

It must be growing old I fear,                

For images it shows are often blurry, difficult to gander.


Times have been hard, roads rocky

I see people unmasked, blood curdling and shrewd

Ghosts from my past playing peekaboo with the future aliens

My old mirror these days looks like a boogey man, scaring away the broods


No one is mine, no one’s am I

All I am left with these days is a bluffing besieger,

Who speaks no truth anymore,

But claims to be my worthy advisor!


The person in there is not me and I know,

Outside the treacherous mirror, where shall I seek my identity, where must I go?


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