An Anonymous Art!

A little while ago, in the coverts of hounds

An anonymous art has been found

Scholars from over the globe are coming to claim

To put it in the books by their name

It has some ancient form making the allegers skeptic

The form is just too cryptic

The madmen are already unraveling the vault

Putting their lives at halt

The press has covered the news well

Spicing it up enough to sell

Uncovering every single veil

Someone is even going to put it on the reel

Dubbed as the greatest act of artistry

They are planning to put it in history

The moneymakers are staid to procure it and then vend

An auction table has been set up near their mighty tents

A little ape is probing for its plank,

One it sculpted feeling pity on its form, so blank

Petite tears would fall out of its bulking eyes in moments to come

Well that’s the marvel of the mysterious gem to sum!


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