Where the fire resides!

In the middle of somewhere near the “woods of nowhere”

A tiny fire, veiled well in sorrow was running here and there

He was lost for so long, and night was so stark

He couldn’t even remember that he could fight the dark
He would keep running wild, guided by his own flame

from plateaus known to the unseen plains

He felt so down, with absolutely nothing to cherish

Unknown to his own light, he was left alone to perish

the doubt was legitimate, his bearer hadn’t asked for him so long

and no one had sung in a long while, the “fire song”

as if there was no need he could suffice

as if his only purpose was waiting for his demise

What is a fire without purpose, he would often wonder!

Afraid of the gloom, he would wish to surrender!

He wished to glow and be used like he was used to be

someone to come and say, “Please! Can you help me?”

He was fire for god’s sake, not some lost elf!

The finder of the path, not the seeker himself!

He wanted to believe that his bearer shall come a day

if the fire was lost, how long in the dark could the man stay?

Just for his man, he kept the flame alive

without its fire how could the heart survive?
One day, he heard whimpers from the “cave of nothingness”

someone wept burying his boorish beardy face!

The little old fire took his flame to him

Yes he was still inferno, though a little dim.

Now you know,

Where the fire resides


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