Years to come…

Years to come will have some stranger looking days

A past behind, a future looking at our face

Things which were said will be memories

And words between the lines will make us feel sorry

A few matters of facts will be grave to digest

Solutions to troubles tough to suggest

Years to come will see more regrets

Some coming to ages some revealed secrets

There shall be a sense of reprisal

An awkward wait for an unknown arrival

Yokes will make our vision blurred of personal truths

For the tears to cleanse our eyes reminding of the lost Ruth

Years to come will see us graying our heads

Experienced enough of life’s thousand shades

Our eyes will have a pair of lenses on them

Covering the past from future like a fabric’s hem

Standing in the crowd, life will still be alone

Loving others but no love to own

Years to come will have imprints of years gone by

Of each truth said and of every single lie

Among the changes piling up

There will be a constant I will safely keep

My heart will always beat for you

No matter what you did or what you’ll do…


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