Poetry · terrorism

Gunners Of The East

Personal note to readers: This is a sarcastic work. WIth the recent massacre in Paris, which has followed several other equally antihumanity activities in all parts of the World. Palpably, these people, whether, ISIL, TALIBAN, LASHKAR etcetera don’t belong to any religion race or nation. They don’t qualify as human beings.

There is a disney-song like touch to it. If you get it you may be able to hum it along.

Behind the golden paths we tread

Beyond the fairy tales we read

There is a world on its own

And believe me it’s the only one

Folks call them animals and beasts

They are the gunners of the east

The dust rises with the rising sun

Bloodsheds for them are just too much fun

To hell with love, forget goodness

Fear and hatred they harness

In cold dead deserts they feast

They are the gunners of the east

What if they don’t have a motive?

That itself makes the pleasure superlative

When the 47’s and 56’s play their zings

Along the tunes they make merry, they sing

A few million corpses worry them the least

Because they are the gunners of the east

They don’t live for what we call life

For 2 little kids and a pretty wife

Nah! It’s too stereotype a story to yearn for

They earn their own legends, make their own lore

They live to die, to kill, to feast

They are the gunners of the east

I wonder if they do it for pennies or land

For they simply invade, trample, conquer and disband

Not a single one of us got the guts to check them

Neither can their consciences put them to shame

They aren’t hermits and they aren’t priests

They are the gunners of the east.


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