Let it go!

It sometimes happen as such,

that people don’t care for you much

Enraged, thrilled, you roll up your fists

Decided, to have a fighting feast

A slugfest is all you can think of

Looking for a proper payoff

Your mind rumbles

Your lips mumble

Your eyes show crimson in them

An eye for an eye is the fairest game

But behold! Just wait for a moment

Before you do so, let me put my 2 cents

Look into the eyes of the mirror

And beware! A monster hides there

You may faint out

Or run away with a shout

Don’t want to see him?

Then sneak out like the little Jim

Why keep grudges?

Life runs fine without crutches

Take a deep breath in and breathe out some

Keep a bit of mum

Why make a row?

Better, just let it go!


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