Mr. Gentleman

We all have songs we sing in various moods. Every couple finds solace in humming something. Well, “Mr. Gentleman” is a song, which this couple likes to hum. Its their song. What are the lyrics? Doesn’t matter. Just sing along them! 

Whenever she is sad

She pretends to be mad

When a smile hides away from her face

And I have none of its trace

When I have no backup plan

I sing… Mr. Gentleman…

When the garden isn’t neat

She has work and no time to beat

When she tends to be too busy

Life sounds a bit uneasy

I, the broom, the trash can

We all sing together…Mr. Gentleman

When we are in the market

The grocer is the target

She saves a penny or two

After lots of hula-hoo

She does a good bargain

I hear her hum in her breath…Mr. Gentleman

When the guests spoil the party

I tend to be too hearty

Her mind boggles out

She wants to have a shout

I take a spoon and hit a pan

and whisper in her ears… Mr. Gentleman

When my little guy’s grades mirror my past

The poor lad with folded hands taking all the blast

His petite teary eyes making me chastised

The wrath of Math making my dinner jeopardized

We both say sorry like a man

and mutter quietly… Mr. Gentleman

In the backyard every eve

When the day silently takes the leave

We are alone sitting together

her hand on my cheek, like a peacock’s feather

Unknowingly yet wishfully everything happens again

it was about us the song, it still is, Mr. Gentleman.


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