destiny · dreams · friends · Poetry · talking


I beg your say apprehending appreciation

I have decreed to stay in hibernation

Not much shall be heard from me

Let silence be my semblance, complaint be a far-off enemy

For I have spoken way too much than the power I command

Let my words flow only when time demands

I have to offer a lot more to the world

So many stories left to be told

Stories about life, about death

Lore of love, tales of faith

Let my eyes be the casements to selfdom

Let me face my ego, let me gain my freedom

For long I have belied my truth

For long I have lived in Ruth

The questions within scream for empathy

For long I have given them nothing but apathy

No more shall I lie to my sinking soul

For long I tried to sneak in discordant roles

Let me observe, comprehend my existence

Let me bathe in light for once

For a while, let me sleep in the lap of serenity

For a while, let me fall back in ambiguity

For once let the answers flow by

Whatever they might be, good bad or wry

Let me face the elephant in the room

Let me visit my dreadful doom

Let me vanish from your eyes for a while

I promise to the realm I shall return my servile

Someday you might find my body deceased

My name forgotten, my legacy ceased


I shall be present as an essence of friendship, suave

Smiling at abodes of compassion, places of love…


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