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Strangers to Impatience

We sit in circles
Around the bonfire
Which melts the flesh of wood
To relieve our tired bones
We recite poetry to each other,
Poetry like this moment,
Like an estuary, saline yet serene
We know the end is near
Hence, a breather is warranted
A final halt by the sea
Only a few miles to cover
Before we reach to part ways
Where this singular road breaks
Into distinct destinies
We have taken our timely
Steps, Careful and consternated
Perhaps we deserve this moment,
The melody of the roaring sea
This Stark vulnerability of the naked sky
Shy and Shrinking in fear as he watches
Us, creating new stars with sparks of crackling wood
As our poetry rises with smoke,
Turning the moon’s face ashen.
We have waited so long for this moment,
To turn the sky starry again,
For We want our Vincent back,
Where he belongs, among us
We, the strangers to impatience.


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