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Change – III

Who taught
Dignity and respect
Began lusting
For nakedness.
I was asked
To strip,
I did.

Featured Image – Odd Nerdrum (Dawn, 1989)

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Free Fall

I don’t dream of flying.
The dream of flying
comes with the fear of falling.
I dream of falling,
Along with my inhibitions
And fears.
I want to fall off a cliff,
A high mountain,
Stripped off my fears
One by one.
Letting go of everything
That I have,
Until I have nothing
Nothing but my soul.

As I fall deeper,
I become light,
A cotton wool,
A cloud.
Maybe on my way
I shall become a rain drop

Maybe when it’s time
To touch the ground
My wings will open
And I shall fly.

(Featured Image- Ron Griswold)