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Let’s Rise In Love

Let’s fall in love.
Why shouldn’t we?
Just because you are you
And I am I?
‘Don’t Do it!’
The society would say, I know.
But that is what societies are for.
They have always been like that,
Trying to hold us back on grounds
Which don’t exist for birds
Like us, me and you.

Let them draw their own roads
While we fly high above,
Flapping our wings of love.

Why fall?
Let’s rise in love.

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Two Starlings

They say
Two starlings seen at once
Is a good omen.

Two starlings sit
On opposite ends of a porch.
It is impossible to see them at once.
You say,
Don’t look at just one. It’s bad omen.

I bring handful of chickpeas
And spread at our feet.
They flutter their wings at once
I look at you rolling eyes, smile
Two starlings turn into good omen.

They finish the chickpeas in haste
And return to their opposite ends
No more on talking terms with each other.
Two starlings are now back to being bad omen.

(Featured Image- Starlings by Anna Wright)