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Let our love be a taboo
Hidden in the deeps
Of our hearts.
Let’s not let it out.
Let’s not speak of it.
Cross your heart and I will, mine
For the world is a cruel place
It ruins all that’s virgin
And kills all that’s life
It can’t keep a secret.
Good things don’t last
And rare ones often get extinct.
If they won’t understand
Why even give them a chance?

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Promise – IV

Years later, when
Time will be old and wrinkled,
When kids will have their kids
And I will lose all my teeth,
When you will need a third limb
For your daily needs,
When no one will care
About us being in love,
When the mirror
Would blatantly lie,
Don’t believe him,
Just use my glasses and not yours
And through my eyes,
You will still be beautiful
And I will still be charming
I promise.

Featured Image- Old Couple or Musician (Salvador Dali, 1930)

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Promise – III

When our boy is out there,
Playing, hurling himself into the mud,
When our girl is with him,
Beating him, like girls always do,
When the scene makes you smile,
And your mind wanders to the past
That was different and difficult,
You look out for me,
But where am I?
‘Right behind, Ma’am’, I say,
Your tea is with me.
Just the way you wanted,
You smile,
Just the way I promised,
To love,
Then, now, forever.

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Promise – II

When world is done shouting,
And silence is making your tongue heavy
Like a bad taste, pukish
I will let your head collide with my chest
Your hair scattered on my belly, crimson
Like blood at a murder scene
Your vermilion smeared on my shirt, crimson
Like a bullet through my chest.
I die in that moment of mum,
In that moment of mum, we live.
We will live through it,
I promise.

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Two Starlings

They say
Two starlings seen at once
Is a good omen.

Two starlings sit
On opposite ends of a porch.
It is impossible to see them at once.
You say,
Don’t look at just one. It’s bad omen.

I bring handful of chickpeas
And spread at our feet.
They flutter their wings at once
I look at you rolling eyes, smile
Two starlings turn into good omen.

They finish the chickpeas in haste
And return to their opposite ends
No more on talking terms with each other.
Two starlings are now back to being bad omen.

(Featured Image- Starlings by Anna Wright)

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Don’t leave me just yet,
Stay for a while,
let me be lost,
enchanted by the magic
that I still see in you.
Allow me to love you madly,
to bite you, scratch you,
to omit the difference,
between the blood and rouge on your cheeks.
I want you to forget about your beauty,
I want you to hate the mirror.
Why can’t you just love me,
Unhinged, unreal, as I am?
We will be gentle to each other,
I promise.