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Let our love be a taboo
Hidden in the deeps
Of our hearts.
Let’s not let it out.
Let’s not speak of it.
Cross your heart and I will, mine
For the world is a cruel place
It ruins all that’s virgin
And kills all that’s life
It can’t keep a secret.
Good things don’t last
And rare ones often get extinct.
If they won’t understand
Why even give them a chance?

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Let’s Rise In Love

Let’s fall in love.
Why shouldn’t we?
Just because you are you
And I am I?
‘Don’t Do it!’
The society would say, I know.
But that is what societies are for.
They have always been like that,
Trying to hold us back on grounds
Which don’t exist for birds
Like us, me and you.

Let them draw their own roads
While we fly high above,
Flapping our wings of love.

Why fall?
Let’s rise in love.

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Living Like Laymen

Laymen lead an interesting life,

They know things but not so much,

Speaking not to be heard

Reading just enough to be pleased

Too paltry to be written upon

Incomprehensible often and flustered

They debate sans a conclusion

They can’t be contained and don’t care

They don’t exist in democracy, debates and journals

After all, they are laymen,

Their opinions don’t matter.

Only if they knew more than they do.

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The Bus Stop

Standing by one noisy Monday traffic

He goes easily unnoticed chewing on his paan

Waiting for a bus to stop, a horn to blow

Scuffed shoes exhibit his passion for these paths

Experience peeks through his thinning hair

These roads are oh so well known

Sun looks down at him with all his pitiful light

The paled white shirt definitely deserves a hard wash

As he slowly drags himself out of yet another building

Denials don’t hassle him anymore

He casually hurls his credentials back into his worn out satchel

The twilight quietly sees him home

Ma looks jovial as ever

Over the years, she has mastered mending her face as soon as he appears

Her smile is his only escape, and she knows

A bedridden father groans feebly, for he wins no bread anymore

And by the way, who weds the sister of a loafer?

If only he could escape his mortification, even that is just a wishful notion

Nuptials were sung in neighborhood last night

Someone must have raised his case too

For, Ma did return abruptly

They say a man never cries, but they must not have known him

For his pillows are often wet, eyes frequently crimson

He does wear a disguising smile nonetheless

He often stares through the stars from his casement

Wondering if education was his sin

For his qualifications don’t allow him to carry bricks

The night passes in slumber, changing sides

Wishing if he could succumb silently in bed

After hours of tumult, sleep finds him somehow

The Sun wakes again, as he carefully leaves the alarm clock dozing

He shaves, shines his shoes, wears his best

Fates don’t shine with dates, do they?

Tuesday traffic is as noisy as it was on Monday

He stands by, unnoticed, chewing on his paan, waiting

For a bus to stop, a horn to blow

A bus might take him away and never bring back

He won’t be missed though, not for a day

Another chap shall take his place, with millions in the offing.

india suffers from the issue of educated unemployment and underemployment more than any other place.
I hope someone connects.

(copyright Anurag Chaudhary 2014)