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Light – III

The sun shines too bright
On my latent dreams
The day doesn’t pass
And the night doesn’t come
I wish, sometimes
I could throw stones at the Sun
And splinter it
like it worked with the streetlights.
It doesn’t work that way, does it?


(Featured Image- Night Light Street by Casoni Ibolya)

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You don’t know me, do you?

Dear! I have to go,
Somewhere I haven’t been,
Where? You may ask!
Where? I don’t know.

I have to do something,
Something I haven’t done
What? You may ask.
What? I don’t know.

I want to love
Someone I haven’t met
Whom? You may ask
Whom? I don’t know.

I want to live before I die
Alas! I haven’t yet
How? You may ask
How? I don’t know.

I want to die once I know
Enough I must know
When? You may ask
When? I don’t know.

Why? You may ask
Because you don’t know,
Oh but I do know!
Oh but I do know!

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Don’t leave me just yet,
Stay for a while,
let me be lost,
enchanted by the magic
that I still see in you.
Allow me to love you madly,
to bite you, scratch you,
to omit the difference,
between the blood and rouge on your cheeks.
I want you to forget about your beauty,
I want you to hate the mirror.
Why can’t you just love me,
Unhinged, unreal, as I am?
We will be gentle to each other,
I promise.

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Collision Points

We walk around in circles,

Trying to keep up with our roads

There are no trees, no sacred fire,

no holy hymns, no vows waiting to be taken.

We have not committed to anyone, anything

Sincerely, there is no promise made,

between ourselves either.

We are happy this way,

On our different roads,

keeping an eye on one another,

finding collision points,

maybe intentionally.


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Road back home!

The road back home is well known

Unlike the one ahead of me

The horizons are familiar

Contrasting the ones yet to see

The road back home greets me with smile

Every time I step onto it

Much to the dismay of the darkness ahead

The streets are always well lit

The road back home is full of scars

But my valor is what they showcase

The infidelity of the future succumbs

To the exhibition of these medals I possess

The road back home gives me nerve

To look into the eyes of the unknown

To walk past the fires and the bergs of ice

Which my path shall be prone

The road back home defines the legacy I shall leave

A record the moment of end shall see

When my soul shall decide to forsake my being

I shall sleep with pride glory and glee…